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Select your arrival date or your preferred in clinic date/time slot


Postage delays are not uncommon, especially over weekends and bank holidays. If you have someone that can accept the package on your behalf, please email or call us after making your booking to arrange a sooner dispatch of your package, otherwise all packages will be sent to arrive on the date of your arrival or the day after. On rare occasions packages may arrive on day 2, especially if Day 2 is a Monday or falls after a bank holiday.

Turnaround times for the Day 2 and Day 8 results cannot be guaranteed to be available within 48 Hours of sending the package. Royal Mail Tracked 24 used for return to laboratory is the only widely available mail service approved for handling biological samples.  Your result will depend on them getting your sample to the laboratory and delays are possible. Please be aware that logistics/shipping companies operate at a reduced operating hours over the weekends and bank holidays, and in most cases they are closed on a Sunday. This will cause delays to your package delivery times.

Avante Health cannot be held responsible and we accept no liability if any packages are delayed, damaged or lost, including delayed results. We have taken every precaution to minimize the risk of this occurring, and our team is available to assist you in any possible way, if you encounter an issue.

We advise that you do the day 2 tests as soon as they have been delivered to you and send them to the relevant laboratory as soon as possible. For your day 8 test, you must do it on the day itself.

Please catch the earliest mail delivery window you can and please ensure you post in a Priority Royal Mail Post Box.  Royal Mail can be subject to service delays.  They are the only widely available postal service that can handle biological samples, and the Department of Health and Social Care understand this and the pressures on all mail services at this time. So if your result is delayed due to postal delays outside yours and Avante’s control, this will be understood.